Hostel Facility in Smolensk State Medical University

There are 4 hostels in Smolensk State Medical University in which more than 2000 students can accommodate. All the hostels are like a flat and every room has an attached bathroom, toilet and kitchen. All hostels are centrally heated and students do feel cold inside hostel. Hostels are fully furnished and two students live in one room. There are separate arrangements for girls and boys inside Smolensk State Medical University.

Two hostels are specially renovated for Indian Students and all Indian students in these hostels feel very comfortable. The rules and regulation are very strict for all students and all the rules are like Indian families. It is compulsory to live in hostel for first year students. All students in the hostel are fully secure and there are 24 hrs securities for hostel.

Smolensk State Medical University has separate hostels for girls and boys and all rooms are centrally heated. Rooms in hostel are 2 and 3 seated with a large space and every room has upgraded comforts, room has a balcony with pictures view, full furniture with bedding, shower room, toilet, washbasin room, everyday cleaning of rooms, Free Internet in every room, security guards, reception, laundry, cable TV with Indian News & Informative Channels , cleaning and washing personnel, reading rooms, computer hall, Internet hall, recreation hall, 24 hour medical center, well equipped Gymnasiums with hi-tech machines with personal trainers.

One office is situated for Indian Students inside Smolensk State Medical University Russia to resolve all the problems of Indian Students related to hostel, food and study. So that students do not have to waste their valuable time in various daily life problems. In this office all documentation and any problem related with administration, studies, residence or daily life can be taken care of.

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